Friday, May 29, 2015

Getting the word out for a friend!

If you have any graphic design work you need done, my friend Lynne Rainey Glindemann has a son who is launching his business.

Authors, if you need a book cover, you may want to contact him as well. Here's his website:

Monday, May 25, 2015

It's Memorial Day NOT Veteran's Day

Folks, it's NOT Veteran's Day. It's Memorial Day.

Know the difference.

Thank you for those who died while in service.

On Veteran's Day, I will concentrate on letting those who are still living have their special day. But today, it's for those who DIED. Memorial Day and Veteran's Day are not the same, and if you get them mixed up, it makes you sound uninformed.

It's also not the case that there is not respect on other days or every single day, but holidays are such that, for instance, we don't celebrate Valentine's Day on Christmas Day or Mother's Day on Father's Day. Get my meaning?

Another thing: I grew up a military brat. My father, uncles, and stepfathers were in the military. I nearly went into the Air Force, in fact. So I respect the military and those who sacrifice.

I do not agree with the wars we've been fighting because I respect the troops enough that I hate the fact that so many have lost their lives or been injured/maimed because George W. Bush had a hard-on for war to avenge his daddy. And hey, let's face it: war is profitable (it was for Cheney and Halliburton!). The sad part is it's not just money that's spent, it's human lives.

I respect the troops enough NOT to spend their lives cheaply -- and these trumped-up wars, in my view, cost countless lives in unnecessary ways. But anyway, the point is that I value our troops enough that I do not like when politicians send them to war unless it's absolutely necessary.

Finally, please hear me out: people who could not serve in the military, for whatever reason, are NOT any less human beings than those who have. I get tired of being seen as a second-class citizen simply because I am not in the military. This trend of seeing the rest of America as 'less than' or bottom of the barrel just because they haven't served -- for whatever reason -- is divisive and unnecessary.

This is a relatively recent thing, though, because I do not remember this being an issue back in the 70s and 80s when my family was in the military. I do not remember any of my family -- my dad, my uncles, my stepfathers (both of them) -- looking at civilians with disdain or as if they weren't good people or as deserving of respect because they were civilian.

There are plenty of civilians here and abroad who also do important jobs -- many for the military, as support. So please, do not treat civilians as if they're beneath you and less patriotic somehow, because we are not. Two that come to mind are our friends, David Carter and Michelle Lee Carter, who are currently stationed in Germany. So please, do not cast shade toward civilians. Especially when you want us to respect you.

This is our country -- all of us. We are in this together.

Happy Memorial Day, and thanks.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

There is NO excuse or defense for Josh Duggar's criminal acts

If you think there is a so-called Christian defense or good excuse for Josh Duggar molesting his sisters -- or anyone else -- then you should re-examine a lot of things about yourself.

As a survivor of childhood abuse by my ex-stepfather, Donnie L., and having some in my family and some of our family friends refuse to believe me or just ignore it and go on about things without addressing it, I can tell you that it damages a person for the rest of his or her life, in subtle ways and not-so-subtle ways.

There is NO excuse for sexual abuse or mistreatment of a child -- and certainly NOT because the perpetrator is a Christian. Because, hey, I can tell you if the perp was a pagan or an Atheist (or anything other than a Christian), people would be calling for his or her head on a stick.

Listen, there are overwhelming numbers of Christian criminals in prison. Atheists account for a tiny percentage -- look it up! So, just because you are Christian, it doesn't mean there's any special defense or excuse for that type of heinous behavior. Again, I can think of NO EXCUSE or reasonable defense.

I also do not buy that he simply 'made a mistake.' Making a mistake is giving in to peer pressure from your friends and cheating on an English pop quiz worth 10 points. Sexually molesting not one, but more than one person -- and your sisters, at that -- is in no way a mistake. If you think that, you need to examine your morals and/or ethics.

Or maybe it would be okay if Josh Duggar molested YOUR own kids? would you like that, and would you see it as a mistake? If you're a mother, I hope like HELL you don't answer that question with anything other than a NO. Because if anybody ever hurt my kids (and mine are grown now), they'd have to get a cell ready for me, because I would be one hellacious Mama Bitch on hot wheels going after the person or persons responsible.

Edward Snowden -- more patriotic than most of us

Me to Paul T. Sninchak, while watching Citizenfour, the documentary about Edward Snowden:

"This disturbs me greatly."

Folks, I wish some of us were more like Ed Snowden. He is, in my view, a patriot. Watch this documentary (on HBOGo or HBO Now) -- or whenever you can see it online or elsewhere -- and then tell ME you're okay with the information you find out in that documentary.

Edward Snowden took a fall for all US citizens -- and citizens around the world, actually.

Unless you've watched said documentary and really thought about it -- truly digested and examined what you've watched and its implications (past, present, or future) -- I'm not interested in your comments. You must watch the documentary first before I'm willing to discuss it with you.

And, just let me say that the NSA and affiliated agencies illegally spying on Americans can kiss my patriotic ass. President John Adams and President John Quincy Adams are DNA relatives of mine on my birth father's side. I hardly think they would be okay with what's happening today in government. The Founding Fathers would probably think a lot of people need their asses roundly kicked!

When news isn't so much Breaking News of note

Couldn't help myself, so I tweeted Rob at The Gazette and asked him about the Breaking News updates that really aren't Breaking News-worthy:

@Gazette_RobJ , is someone there at The Gazette going nuts with the Breaking News updates? Over the past two weeks or so, I've noticed some news items that weren't on the level of true Breaking News in the sense of, "The community MUST know about this NOW because it's unexpected and it'll impact them in a salient way." Example: I sympathize with a dog dying in a house fire (because we own four dogs), but honestly, I don't think that's an event that could qualify as Breaking News that would concern and/or affect the majority of this city's residents or those in the areas surrounding it. However, my condolences DO go to the pet owner. I've lost beloved pets and it's sad. What's your take? If there's a deluge of Breaking News that may not always qualify as such, I think readers will become numb to the announcements.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

TODAY: Celebrating my 18-year anniversary as a FT freelance writer, copy editor, and writing instructor

Eighteen years ago, I quit my traditional job at the City of Enid (Oklahoma) to become a professional freelance writer, copy editor, and writing instructor. It's been an interesting ride, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

My first book editing client was Howie Olsen, who was then living in Salem, MA. We still keep in touch.

Monday, May 18, 2015

On retraining myself, and others

This is long, but it addresses some of you. Therefore, this is why it's not only posted on my blogs, but on Facebook as well. If the shoe fits, wear it. If it doesn't, don't worry about it. Savvy?:

Ever feel like you're shouting into the void and nobody is hearing you? Of, if they are hearing you, they aren't listening? I feel that way much of the time. Not with every person, but with most.

Until I lose my shit, hardly anybody takes me seriously or listens, and that's a big pet peeve of mine. It's unnecessary to become a volcano and erupt. Much easier to listen, understand, and try to do something about things BEFORE the lava flows, right?

I don't like to erupt. It's not pretty, trust me. You've seen me upset on here, but you've NEVER seen me erupt (well, save for maybe a few of you). It's not healthy for anybody involved, including me, and it leaves wounds and scars afterward. But alas, I AM human and I can only take so much.

If you need or want things from me, I ask that you be respectful and considerate of me in return -- that goes for family, friends, FB acquaintances, and strangers. That includes impositions on my time, energy, and attention. Because, just like yours, it's precious. It's more precious than money, in fact. I put the value on my time and attention, and from here on, it's gonna be high.

Unless you put me on retainer 24/7, I'll respond when it's convenient for me (this applies to personal communication, not professional communication). Your emergency is not automatically my emergency, either. Not my circus, not my monkeys. Tired of putting myself in crisis mode over other people's crises.

Also, my immediate family comes first -- always. Everybody else stands in line. And on down the get the drift. Believe me, I have more than enough to juggle here on the home front. Husband and children first, then comes my career. Everything else is a lower priority than those two things. It has to be that way.

For most of my life, I've allowed others to eat up my time, energy, and attention because I felt I needed to always please them or I needed to bow to their whims. No longer, so get used to it. I'm 50 and I have no idea how much time I'll be on this plane of existence. I no longer have time to say yes to everything or try and bend myself to the whims or wishes of others.

It's time for me now. It's time for my dreams, my goals, my ambitions. And, considering the time I've spent giving to others, sacrificing for others, and putting myself at risk to shield others from problems, I think I damn well deserve to draw some boundaries. If I were a man, I wouldn't have to ask or beg for this. I'd do it, and I'd do it without emotion.

As a woman, society has raised me to think that I need to ask, beg, or justify time for myself. Well, I won't do it. I'm taking it. People can either like and understand it or not. That's not my issue, it's theirs. Men typically don't have to explain such things, but women are selfish if they're not there for everybody all the time or waiting in the wings to nurture, support, or encourage everybody else on the fucking planet.

Yes, I do care about all of you. But friends and family, it's time for me. I'm going to train myself to stop chasing after people, to stop trying to please everybody every single minute of the day, and to stop doing things that others can (and should) do for themselves. I've said this before and gotten off track, so this is a reaffirmation of what I MUST do in order to maintain whatever sanity I have left. This is a reminder for both me and all of you.

There's more, but you can fill in the blanks. If not, Google is your friend. Speaking of which, I will no longer do research for anybody, either. If you're hooked up to the Internet, you can use the same method I do: type in Google, enter your inquiry into the search box, etc. My time is as precious as yours, after all. Or, find experts and ask them. There's a website for that as well.

If you have a book manuscript, I do not have time to read it. Are you kidding? With editing and reading for pleasure, when do I have time to read other manuscripts? Same with short stories. I cannot tell you if it's good enough to be published. That's up to an agent, editor, or publisher. So submit it and you'll find out. That's what I had to do (and still have to do). 

Also, don't ask to give me an idea so I can write a book and split the royalties with you. Really? Ideas are a dime a dozen, and I have more in my head than I could EVER put on paper. When you ask a writer that, you're asking THEM to do all the work so you can reap the benefits of the results. Not cool. The answer is no. Write it yourself or pay a ghostwriter (and they aren't cheap).

I'm not being harsh; I'm being upfront about things. If you want feedback, a critique of your work, and one-on-one attention, I have writing and editing courses for $20 to $25 per week. I'm a cheap date, too! And if you don't think I'm worth $20 a week, I don't have time to discuss this with you anymore. Because, you see, I am worth that -- and a lot more.

I'm tired of devaluing myself for others. After 18 years as a professional in the publishing industry, I sure as hell hope you think my time is worth that small amount. You'd spend a lot more on one dinner and I'll give you more value for that price. I support my family with my work, and the utility company doesn't take IOUs (I wish they did!) So please, don't put me in an uncomfortable position by asking me to things without payment or an equal barter in return.

In general, it's my belief that people do not truly care about events or situations unless they're directly affected. That's true for me at times as well, because I'm human. I have a ton of flaws myself, believe me.

Contrary to popular belief, I'm much more critical of myself that anybody else. I've gotten better over the years, but I still struggle with self-loathing in many ways. It's hard to love oneself, but it's become clear that if I don't learn that, I'm destined to destroy myself. I'm loving myself by redrawing boundaries and reasserting them to me, and to all of you.

Anyway, enough with that. Having spoken my piece, the matter is resolved. Now, let's see what trouble I can get into for the rest of the day *evil laugh*

Looking back on nearly a year since my Lipedema & Lymphedema diagnoses

Almost a year ago, I was diagnosed with Lipedema and Lymphedema. There are no medicines to take, no cures to be had. You do not have to be overweight to have this, and they aren't sure what causes it (sometimes even children have it, sadly). That's why it's labeled 'unclear etiology' by the medical journal article linked below, which was published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine (JABFM). 

"Approach to Leg Edema of Unclear Etiology"

The U.S. is far behind Europe in diagnosing and treating these conditions, but raising awareness can help those who may have it and not know it. I'm doing my part. Lipedema often runs in families and is thought to have a possible genetic connection. Hormones are also involved, since only a handful of males have EVER been diagnosed with it.

In severe cases, you lose mobility or, sometimes, have your leg(s) amputated. Thankfully, I was diagnosed and began MLD (Manual Lymph Drainage) therapy and started wearing compression stockings. My legs, below the knees, are affected. But sometimes it spreads. I'm at Stage Two, and DO NOT want to end up at Stages 3 or 4. 

So far I'm doing okay with managing it. If you saw me out in public, you'd never know I have this condition, but I do. There has been marked improvement, but I can never NOT keep up the maintenance. It will not go away. It can only be managed. Some day I hope researchers and doctors pinpoint the cause(s) and find a cure. Most people haven't heard of Lipedema OR Lymphedema. I sure hadn't prior to 2014.

Ladies, it doesn't matter how young or old you are, and it doesn't matter if you're a size 2 or a size 20+ -- you should become familiar with these diseases. The quality of your life depends on it. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

But why are you so angry...?

Here's something else I've noticed: when a man rants or bitches about something on his FB profile -- or anywhere, actually -- I don't see people asking him, "Gee, Bob, why are you so angry?" or, "Why such an angry post, Bob?" If a woman posts the same, she's automatically a bitch or some other word and probably -- GASP! -- an angry feminist (or feminazi) instead.

Let me assure you, I get riled up and outspoken on here. I get irritated and blunt at times. On occasion, I get annoyed and outright angry. But despite my posts, you have never EVER seen my full fury. You do not want to see that, and I do not want to unleash it. That is not bullshit talk, that's fact. It's not pretty and it doesn't make anybody feel good or happy, so I'd prefer not to go there if possible. Unless I'm in an Avengers movie, of course :-).

In my posts, on FB and my blogs, I will:

...say or write what I want, when I want, to whomever I want.
...say or write things that will piss you off.
...say or write about things that will make you think.
...say or write about things that make you NOT want to think about certain things.
...speak as a human being, not just as a set of boobs or a vagina.
...provoke and evoke feelings you may or may not like.
...say or write things you, yourself, are too shy or chickenshit to say.
...say or write about things you're to afraid to say, either because of yourself or because you're afraid of offending your relatives or friends (in other words, they OWN you on some level because you allow them to muzzle you).
...say or write about things that you do not understand, or that you don't *want* to understand.
...say or write about things that confuse or confound you (I'm under no obligation to make full and complete sense to you; that's why I'm ME and you're YOU!).

And much, much more.
I have a voice and I will use it.
You cannot stop me.
I will not let you stop me.
Because I'm here.
I'm alive.
Because my voice matters.
Not MORE than anyone else's, but just as much.

Silence is a painful option for me when words must be spoken or written.
First and foremost, I'm a writer. 
We all are, in fact.
We are all writing our own narratives in this journey called life.

I write a lot of things.
I write long things.
I write to keep myself sane.
I write to keep myself from taking out my full wrath on people.
I write as a means of therapy.

If my posts are too long or challenging, don't read them.
But if you do, thank you.
I can be verbose.
I can be brief.
In the end, I make that decision.
And I'm NOT Silent, because

In the face of wrongs that should be righted:

Silence is a killer.
Silence allows wrongdoing to grow and fester.
Silence is the accomplice of injustice.
Silence is cowardice and complacency.
In the end, Silence shackles us all.
Do not hand Silence the manacles and keys.
Stand up and SPEAK, even if yours is the lone voice of sanity and reason.

But please, for some of you who have mentioned that I seem angry or that my posts are sometimes angry, so what? I post what I want and it may seem angry or oppositional to you, but that's your take. I'm responsible for my posts and the emotions I feel when writing them. However, YOUR reaction (and mine to YOUR posts) is YOUR responsibility (as it is mine as well).

Furthermore, don't question, shame, or condescend to me about an angry post unless you will also confront your male friends or family members. Even then, they have a right to express themselves if they're angry. You don't have to agree and neither do I. But in particular, don't indicate, especially in a passive-aggressive way, that women -- or females in general -- should always play nice. Because we don't, and we will rip your ass to shreds if you test us.

Feminist? Yes, I am one. But so is my husband and he was a feminist BEFORE we met. Learn the definition of 'feminist' and realize that not all feminists are like -- neither are they ONLY female.

Nope, I'm not angry right now. 
But I *could* be if you wanted it. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

On a day when your whole life changes...

Let me tell you a story. It'll be worth it, I think. It's a real-life example of how your life can change in an instant. On this day in May 2001, I left for work. It was my first day at a second job (I still freelanced).

We had one car and my then-husband was due to pick me up at 4:30 p.m. He was never late, but this time he was. My phone had been off all day because we were in training. Something told me -- intuition, I suppose -- to turn it on. At that instant, it rang. It was the police, telling me I had to come home because there'd been an accident. I panicked, thinking one of the kids had been injured. "I can't," I told them. "My husband has the car. He should be here soon."

He wouldn't be there soon, because eventually my hysteria forced the police caller to tell me that my then-husband, Gary, was dead from an accident. At that moment, my world turned upside down. Like in the movies, everything slowed down and seemed surreal. I ran back into the office, screaming. The entire place heard my shock and agony. And that's what happened 14 years ago on this date in 2001.

That morning when I left for work, I had been married almost 16 years and had two children, ages 8 and 11. By that afternoon, I was a widow with two children and $160 in the bank...and no life insurance. I didn't figure we'd need it because we were relatively young. Boy, was I wrong.

So, yeah. There are many other details and stories in relation to that sudden life change and how it affected our lives, but I think you get the point I'm trying to make. Actually, there are two: I want you to know shit happens that you never saw coming. Two, I want to acknowledge that this date will always be a sore spot for me and my children. You can't erase the past or the pain. The wounds scar over, but when they get picked at, they hurt again.

Today is always a rough day for my kids, Brittany Elizabeth​ and Jonathan Porter​. I want them to know that if I could take their pain away, I would. I lost my dad before I turned 7 years old. It's hard growing up without a father. And having a mother who tries to be both doesn't work all the time. I love both you guys more than life itself. It's not fair or right. I would not wish what happened to our family on anyone else -- not even my worst enemy.

Finally, I want to thank Paul T. Sninchak​ for becoming the stepdad to my two children ten years ago this year. It's been a challenge for him, but he loves them so very much.

I adore my family. But I wish there are some things about history I could change. Life isn't fair and it can -- and does -- change in an instant. Trust me...I learned that lesson in the worst way possible, and so did my kids. Nothing is ever guaranteed.

I love you, my dear family & friends. Live and have fun while you can. Nobody is guaranteed the rest of today, much less tomorrow or beyond.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fair warning ;-)

Welcome to my The Red Mist Descends personal blog. If you're new here (or even if you're not), these are some things you need to know. That way you can decide if you can handle me or if you need to run away and find another blog to read that might be more suitable for you.

As should be obvious, this is my personal blog and I post what I want. Your approval is not needed nor required. Comments are moderated and nasty trolls are not tolerated. My virtual house, my rules.

Now that we have that out of the way, here is a brief snapshot of who I am (don't say I didn't warn you):

* I'm pagan. I haven't been Christian for over three decades.
* I'm NOT religious and am decidedly anti-theist. Don't try to convert me.
* I'm blunt and painfully outspoken at times.
* I have a twisted sense of humor.
* I'm not always politically correct.
* I prefer Macs over PCs (deal with it)
* I'm liberal and proud of it.
* I'm a nerd girl. Give me tech or books, not shopping sprees or tons of shoes.
* I voted for Obama (get over it).
* I prefer swords over guns (and I'm for gun control).
* If you're racist, homophobic, misogynistic, or xenophobic, leave now.

Basically, I'm not your typical woman. I'm more of a tomboy than a girly girl.

Proceed w/caution. 

If you can handle these things, WELCOME to my blog. If not, good journey.




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Monday, May 11, 2015

Message from my Muse

Delivered from my muse today:

You slashed my soul with your jagged words.
My heart bled indifference.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Yes, police lives matter. Civilian lives do as well. It's a no-brainer!

This seems simple, so I'm amazed that some people don't get it.

First of all, lives matter, both those of cops and the general public. This whole 'police lives matter' stuff I see...well, duh! Of course their lives matter. Who said they didn't? Not me, for starters. Yes, police lives matter. Quit trying to muddy up the situation with that statement.

Saying that civilian lives matter does not mean police lives are any less valued. This is not a pissing contest. When possible, death should be avoided. That goes for police officers AND civilians. Police and community should work together, not against each other. They should be partners, rather than opponents. Now, what in the hell is so difficult about understanding this? Wish I knew.

The point is this: if you have to shoot an unarmed man ten times and kill him, then you had crappy training or were incompetent as a law enforcement officer. I don't know about you, but I like my cops to be trained well and not to resort to deadly force with unarmed people. There are other alternatives, so use them.

Just because you don't think it's okay to shoot an unarmed man ten times and kill him, that doesn't mean you think cops' lives don't matter. How you can even draw that assumption is, quite frankly, stupid. I've never said cops' lives don't matter; by the same token, I'll never say it's okay to sever someone's spine and commit second-degree murder.

And yes, that person may have done wrong things in the past, but that is immaterial to the FACTS AT HAND FOR THIS SPECIFIC EVENT. Resorting to ad hominem attacks in order to justify second-degree murder is pathetic. You should know this if you're intelligent by any measure, so cut it out. You know what the issues and problems are, so stop it.

Not all cops are bad people; however, cops ARE human and, as you might expect, some cops AREN'T good cops OR good people. Some of them do not deserve to wear the badge. Get rid of them so we have the police forces we respect. Don't let bad apples spoil the entire barrel or taint your reputations.

It's NOT OKAY to call for violence against cops. 

It's OKAY to expect that law enforcement officers are held to a higher standard, and that they see their community (and all the people in it) as partners with them, rather than adversaries. Until this happens, you will continue to see incidents such as what happened in Ferguson and Baltimore happen over and over again. Treat the underlying cause, and not merely the symptoms. This is simple and common sense -- why don't some people understand it?

The police must get rid of the bad apples, stop protecting those who break the law (a uniform does not excuse lawbreakers), and get rid of the fabled 'blue wall of silence.' Otherwise, the police will eventually become no less than a gang of civil servants who believe they are, themselves, ABOVE the law.

Bad cops give good cops a bad name, and bad cops make it difficult for civilians to trust the very people who are expected to protect and serve their communities. In turn, when the public distrusts the police, then that makes the police officers' jobs that much more difficult. Police officers, the public is NOT your enemy. Most of us are silly, stupid assholes who fuck up, but mean no harm. It's okay to show your humanity, in other words.

Interpersonal communication is essential in all interactions, but especially when it involves people in the position of authority or uniform. And hey, without the public being stupid or people committing crimes, you wouldn't have a job. Just remember that you are not the Hand of God and you are not the judge, jury, and executioner out on the job. It's not okay to commit second-degree murder, whether you're in uniform or out of it.

Not all protestors are bad people (nor are they all on welfare or unemployed). If not for protesters throughout history, your asses wouldn't have some civil rights or protections you enjoy so much today. THINK ABOUT IT!

Not all people who are at a protest (or uprising) are there for the protest; some are criminals or opportunity seekers hoping to loot, damage, or burn. Don't trash the protest or protestors completely because of bad apples who also show up.

All races have protested -- white, black, Hispanic, etc. Protesters are not automatically 'thugs' or troublemakers because they protest. If you think this, then perhaps this country's forefathers were 'thugs.' I mean, they protested, fought, and went against the authorities of the day to FOUND this country.

Example: I protested against Westboro Baptist Church years ago here in the Springs when they came to town. I'm NOT a thug or a criminal, and I used to work in a police department. I have several friends who are law enforcement officers.

Do not paint everyone with a broad brush as if the entire situation is cut and dried.

Now, what do some of you not understand about any of this? It seems pretty clear to me.

Do the right thing. If you don't, this country will continue to suffer in a myriad of ways in relation to this issue.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

[Dream] Blonde little girl with a cherubic face

Last week I dreamed I was combing the back of a girl's hair. Others were working on her hair and they were knotting it up and making it messy. This little girl's hair was so blonde, it was nearly white. As a child, Paul was a towhead and his hair was just as light.

In the dream, the girl's hair was not quite to her shoulders, so it was still short. I brushed the back of her hair, marveling at how pretty and smooth it was. The girl had such an innocent face, too. Almost cherubic, I'd say. Upon awakening, I felt peaceful and serene. Interesting dream, for sure.