Wednesday, June 25, 2014

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Alrighty then! Before I head to bed tonight to engage in more flu recovery, click on the link below to visit my author page. Click on the Giveaway tab located at the top of the page. After midnight tonight, Colorado time, you can enter to win one of five free copies of "Aim To Write: Tips & Tricks for Freeing the Scribe Within." The giveaway lasts eight days, so you have plenty of time to enter. 

Best of luck! Over & out (for now)
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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Gaining Clarity and Trusting Yourself

Final thought for tonight: if someone else can do something, you can too if you have the will, the drive, the passion, the motivation, the dedication, and the foundational information needed to achieve it. If any of those things are lacking, it will be difficult to model the results you seek.

I know what I'm passionate about. I know what I can accomplish when I set my mind to it. If I want it, I will do it. If I don't want it or lack the interest or dedication, I won't do it.

What is it that YOU want? Not your family. Not your friends. Not your spouse. Not your kids. What do YOU want?

What makes your soul sing? When you engage in that activity, do you slip away, losing track of time because it's a pleasant experience and you're in 'the zone'? That's a hint right there. Whatever makes you feel that way, pay attention to it. Pursue it.

Don't ask other people's permission. Don't ask them what THEY think you should do. It's not about them. It's about YOU. Nobody knows you better than yourself.

Unless you're clear on what YOU want (not what people THINK you should want or be), you won't accomplish anything near what you wish for. Getting clear is utmost in importance.

I've lost some clarify over the years, or sacrificed it for other things and people that were merely distractions from the genuine passion that lives within my core being. But now, RIGHT NOW, I am crystal clear on what I want, and I aim to get it, one way or another.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

4covert2overt ~ A Place In The Spotlight: SUN SIGNS FOR WRITERS by Bev Walton-Porter

Yay! My book, Sun Signs for Writers is in the spotlight today on the 4covert2overt blog. So honored. Thank you for featuring my book, M.C.V. Egan ;-)

4covert2overt ~ A Place In The Spotlight: SUN SIGNS FOR WRITERS by Bev Walton-Porter: e-book Or Print     On AMAZON   Learn Why You Write and How to Write Better What if there were a rel...