Saturday, January 10, 2015

Je Suis Charlie: I'm a writer, and I will *not* censor myself

Here's the deal: I do not follow your religion (I'm pagan, so I do not follow any of the Abrahamic religions). Therefore, I am *not* bound by your religious beliefs, and I do not have to respect your religion. You damn sure haven't respected my beliefs! In fact, plenty of pagans have been hanged and tortured throughout history and STILL ARE in parts of the world.

Yet, I'm expected to be sensitive and respectful, no matter how many insane or murderous acts are carried out in the name of a jealous, bloodthirsty deity of your making? No, just NO.

I will not sanction such absurdity and vile actions by trying to understand belief systems or zealots who have warped them so they bring nothing of value to this existence. Instead, they bring only acts of pain, death, and inhumanity into this world.

Nor will I censor my thoughts, speech, or writing. I'm a writer, and I shall write whatever I damn well please. If ink must turn to blood in order to fight for the rights of expression, then so be it. As a writer, I will not cower, I will not cave, and I will not censor myself to satisfy the masturbatory spiritual delusions of mad men and mad women.

If we cave to these kinds of acts and threats, they will become more insistent and severe until free speech and expression disappears. I will never be quiet to assuage your sense of false entitlement. I will not be silent in order to keep others comfortable.

I hope you will join me in pledging the same, fellow scribes and artists.