Friday, March 25, 2011

New ebook formats for Secrets of the Professional Freelancer & Shadows of the Soul

Hi everyone,

I'm working on converting the rest of my books to various ebook formats. Secrets of the Professional Freelancer and Shadows of the Soul are both now available. Use the coupon below to get 10 percent off Secrets till May 1st!:

Get Secrets of the Professional Freelancer, the book I wrote based on my long-running online course, for $2.69, or 10% off the regular price, until May 1st. Use this coupon code when placing your order: AX72R. Enter the code prior to checkout. If you've wanted to become a freelance writer, but weren't sure how to begin, my book can help you achieve your goal.

Shadows of the Soul is a collection of poems that explores the ebb and flow of human life with all its joys, sorrows, surprises and triumphs. Written during a dark and transformative period of Bev Walton-Porter's life, just prior to and after the death of her first husband, this collection addresses the raw and exposed core of existence that pulses beneath the surface of every human being.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Last Word of the Week for 3.4.11: suffumigation

Last Word of the Week for 3.4.11: suffumigation


1. The act of fumigating, literally from below; fumigation.
2. The act of burning perfumes: one of the ceremonies in incantation.
3. A fume; especially, a preparation used in fumigating.


Smashwords profile -- are you over there, too?

Set up an author profile on Smashwords and my books will be added soon (once I have time in the midst of my other weekly editing duties). If you have a profile over there, feel free to share it with me! :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Elemental Muse's Word of the Week for 3.4.11 -- suffumigation

Each week, I'll choose a Word of the Week. I'll post the word on my blogs and on Facebook. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to find out what that word means, employ the word in a sentence (or paragraph) and use it to jump-start a freewriting session. Build a short story from it, build an article from it, build *something written* from it. The main thing is to USE that word to think about what the word means, how it feels to you as a writer, how you could use that word in a piece of writing (could be a sentence, could be a longer piece) and go from there.

This week's word is suffumigation

Have a good week, everyone! :)

Last Word of the Week for 2.25.11: tachyphrasia

Word of the Week for 2.25.11: tachyphrasia


1. Very rapid and voluble speech.

Source: WordNet