Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Witches, vampires and daemons doing yoga together? Really?!

I’m reading A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. I’m enjoying the story and the writing, but when I got to the part about witches, vampires and daemons doing yoga together…well, I had a hard time getting past that.

Folks, can we remember that vampires and daemons are not supposed to be mundane beings doing mundane things? I long for the days when vampires and daemons were terrifying (and rightfully so). I want magick and mystery when it comes to supernatural beings, not banality and the commonplace.

I like the author’s writing and I will finish the book and begin the next one…but a yoga session with witches, vampires and daemons? I can’t go for that. As Paul said, “Let’s take something extraordinary and terrifying and make it mundane (insert sarcasm here).” Exactly. Just…let’s not, okay? Please?

Friday, May 10, 2013

One of my latest blog posts as a guest contributor for Sue Scheff's internet safety blog. Please go check it out. :-)

Pointers for Setting Up Computer Guidelines for Your Kids

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ten daily questions to ask yourself


To help focus and clarify what's worthwhile to spend my time on and to strive for more meaningful and positive experiences, here are questions I'm going to ask myself:

1. Will this bring you happiness and laughter?
2. Will you get peace of mind from this experience?
3. Will this advance your purpose in life?
4. Is this in alignment with your personal or professional goals?
5. Will this help you be a better or more evolved person?
6. Will this be worth investing your time and energy?
7. Does this add value to your life?
8. Is this educational?
9. Have you picked a worthwhile battle to fight?
10. Have you practiced discernment and/or restraint?

After considering these questions and the number of "no" responses, I can then decide -- clearly and wisely -- if investing my time and energy in something is beneficial for me. I will then decide whether to engage, participate or walk away/withdraw. I'm over the halfway point in my life.

Time to train myself to be more selective and discerning about people, events, causes and attention. Must close the circle and separate the wheat from the chaff.