Sunday, May 17, 2015

But why are you so angry...?

Here's something else I've noticed: when a man rants or bitches about something on his FB profile -- or anywhere, actually -- I don't see people asking him, "Gee, Bob, why are you so angry?" or, "Why such an angry post, Bob?" If a woman posts the same, she's automatically a bitch or some other word and probably -- GASP! -- an angry feminist (or feminazi) instead.

Let me assure you, I get riled up and outspoken on here. I get irritated and blunt at times. On occasion, I get annoyed and outright angry. But despite my posts, you have never EVER seen my full fury. You do not want to see that, and I do not want to unleash it. That is not bullshit talk, that's fact. It's not pretty and it doesn't make anybody feel good or happy, so I'd prefer not to go there if possible. Unless I'm in an Avengers movie, of course :-).

In my posts, on FB and my blogs, I will:

...say or write what I want, when I want, to whomever I want.
...say or write things that will piss you off.
...say or write about things that will make you think.
...say or write about things that make you NOT want to think about certain things.
...speak as a human being, not just as a set of boobs or a vagina.
...provoke and evoke feelings you may or may not like.
...say or write things you, yourself, are too shy or chickenshit to say.
...say or write about things you're to afraid to say, either because of yourself or because you're afraid of offending your relatives or friends (in other words, they OWN you on some level because you allow them to muzzle you).
...say or write about things that you do not understand, or that you don't *want* to understand.
...say or write about things that confuse or confound you (I'm under no obligation to make full and complete sense to you; that's why I'm ME and you're YOU!).

And much, much more.
I have a voice and I will use it.
You cannot stop me.
I will not let you stop me.
Because I'm here.
I'm alive.
Because my voice matters.
Not MORE than anyone else's, but just as much.

Silence is a painful option for me when words must be spoken or written.
First and foremost, I'm a writer. 
We all are, in fact.
We are all writing our own narratives in this journey called life.

I write a lot of things.
I write long things.
I write to keep myself sane.
I write to keep myself from taking out my full wrath on people.
I write as a means of therapy.

If my posts are too long or challenging, don't read them.
But if you do, thank you.
I can be verbose.
I can be brief.
In the end, I make that decision.
And I'm NOT Silent, because

In the face of wrongs that should be righted:

Silence is a killer.
Silence allows wrongdoing to grow and fester.
Silence is the accomplice of injustice.
Silence is cowardice and complacency.
In the end, Silence shackles us all.
Do not hand Silence the manacles and keys.
Stand up and SPEAK, even if yours is the lone voice of sanity and reason.

But please, for some of you who have mentioned that I seem angry or that my posts are sometimes angry, so what? I post what I want and it may seem angry or oppositional to you, but that's your take. I'm responsible for my posts and the emotions I feel when writing them. However, YOUR reaction (and mine to YOUR posts) is YOUR responsibility (as it is mine as well).

Furthermore, don't question, shame, or condescend to me about an angry post unless you will also confront your male friends or family members. Even then, they have a right to express themselves if they're angry. You don't have to agree and neither do I. But in particular, don't indicate, especially in a passive-aggressive way, that women -- or females in general -- should always play nice. Because we don't, and we will rip your ass to shreds if you test us.

Feminist? Yes, I am one. But so is my husband and he was a feminist BEFORE we met. Learn the definition of 'feminist' and realize that not all feminists are like -- neither are they ONLY female.

Nope, I'm not angry right now. 
But I *could* be if you wanted it.