Saturday, May 9, 2015

Grab SECRETS OF THE PROFESSIONAL FREELANCER at Amazon or Etsy for only $1.99

SECRETS OF THE PROFESSIONAL FREELANCER by veteran freelance writer Bev Walton-Porter has all the information you need to jump-start a professional career in freelance writing. From mastering queries to marketing, Bev leads you along the path to transforming your dream of being a freelance writer into reality.

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Chapter 1 – Building Your Freelance Business on a Shoestring
Chapter 2 – How to Effectively Generate Ideas
Chapter 3 – Eight Great Ways to Jump-start Your Writing
Chapter 4 – Head Games: Harnessing the Wild Mind
Chapter 5 – Using Emotions to Fuel Your Writing Fire
Chapter 6 – Are You Ready for Full-time Freelancing?
Chapter 7 – Networking: Harnessing the Power of Teamwork
Chapter 8 – Distractions - Moving from Unfocused to Focused
Chapter 9 – The Professional Pitch: Mastering Query Letters
Chapter 10 – From Idea to Finished Product
Chapter 11 – Rejection Redux: Turn a Negative into a Positive!
Chapter 12 – Ether to Editor: How E-queries Make Life Easier
Chapter 13 – Freelancer Pitfalls: Dealing with Interruptions
Chapter 14 – How to Reach Your O.W.L.
Chapter 15 – Quick Clips: Writing Book Reviews
Chapter 16 – Slanting Articles for Print and Web Pubs
Chapter 17 – Freelancer Pitfalls: Time Management
Chapter 18 – Capturing Local and Regional Markets
Chapter 19 – Developing an Effective Press Release
Chapter 20 – Six Easy Steps to Launching Your Own E-zine
Chapter 21 – Diversifying Efforts for More Sales
Chapter 22 – Live Your Freelance Writing Dream!

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