Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's not that hard, so what don't you *understand* about separation of church & state OR freedom of religion?

I'm curious. What don't some people get about separation of church and state OR freedom of religion? Because I think it's pretty clear. There is a REASON why there are NO bibles (or other religious bullshit) that should be allowed in schools. Quit being daft, okay? UNDERSTAND the Constitution and why the forefathers crafted the document that way.

A long time ago, my daughter went to Sproul Jr. High (as I did when I was younger). I HATED going there, by the way. Most people treated me like shit. Plus, Felicia Braxton and Rita Gonzales bullied and threatened to kick my ass EVERY damn day as I walked to catch the bus, and I still don't know why they picked on me. Probably because I was a new kid in school and looked different than all the other girls. Yes, I named them. Don't care because they bullied me and I did NOTHING to deserve it. I hope they grew up and matured (I'm assuming they did). I also got made fun of because of my weight, and that sucked. No wonder most of my friends were guys! Thanks, Phillip Salas, for being nice to me back then, by the way. I never forgot your kindness.

But I digress...one day I was waiting for my daughter to get out of school, and I saw where there was a person standing outside the school, HANDING OUT BIBLES. I was incensed! I called the office to lodge my complaint, and I was FLOORED when the office lady I spoke to didn't understand WHAT was wrong with that or why I was upset. Really? I tried to calm myself as I explained that NOT EVERYONE IS CHRISTIAN and it is not appropriate to indoctrinate children at a public school by having a person hand out bibles to kids as they got out of school. She didn't get it, and I was frustrated by her IGNORANCE.

So, no, NO bibles should be in public schools and religion has NO PLACE in public schools. If you cannot understand why, then you need to go back and educate yourself and STOP having tunnel vision. I get incredibly frustrated when people who seem intelligent in every other way totally miss the reasoning behind this sort of thing.

Freedom of religion. Separation of church and state. What in the fresh hell do you NOT understand?!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

[Article] What type of perfectionist are you?

I'm a socially-prescribed perfectionist. Yep! I have a HUGE fear of failure and I'm terrified of embarrassment, shame, and guilt. This is why I've never understood writers who have told me, "Oh, my novel will be a bestseller and is so much better than those on the NYT Bestseller list!" Um...that's so overconfident and bold. There's just no way I could ever say that. I mean...wow...I'm way too critical of myself and nothing I ever do is as good as I think it should be. But I also fear success. I mean, if I succeeded, then that would mean pressure to ALWAYS succeed (at least in my mind). Basically, I'm neurotic as hell!

So much for not caring what others think, right? Still got lots to work on, it seems! Oh well...awareness is an important first step.

What Flavor of Perfectionist Are You? - Psychology Today

From the article:
"In contrast, socially prescribed perfectionists may be compared to neurotic perfectionists [a term originally coined by Hamachek] in that they do not derive pleasure from their labors and efforts and tend to view their work as inadequate or inferior. Furthermore, they report experiencing external pressure and or coercion to accomplish tasks. Therefore, the maladaptive symptoms of the socially prescribed perfectionist emerge not from an internally felt desire to be their best, but more from a fear of failure and/or a desire to avoid embarrassment, shame and guilt" (p. 154).

[Dream] Defending friends from hate and gossip

If I ever had a normal dream (whatever that is!), I'd be surprised. Then again, I'd probably be disappointed since I'm so used to strange, twisted, surreal dreams.

Last night I dreamed I was in a large building where church services and other events were held. More than one group or organization would meet there. In this case, I was there to learn how to conduct a special ritual or service for a LGBTQ organization. I was there as an ally, because in this dream (and in real life), I'm heterosexual. They gave me an impressive, white-feathered cape/robe to wear. It was heavy, but gorgeous. The feathers were small, not large, and there were countless ones all over over the cape/robe.

In another area of the building, a right-wing, evangelical church congregation was meeting. I found out through observation and overhearing things that they were saying awful, mean things about my friends in the LGBTQ organization. The churchgoers would smile a fake smile when they saw anybody from the group I was with, but then they'd immediately talk and gossip about them, making fun of who they were and saying snarky things about gays and homosexuality in general. They were haughty in their manner and acting like they were better than everyone else.

The thing that angered me the most was the two-faced behavior of the churchgoers. They would plaster on a fake smile, then drop the act and become vicious and mean when they went back to their area. In real life, as well as in my dreams, I can't stand such duplicity. I cannot stand it even more when nobody will challenge it and call people out on their behavior.

When I got the chance, I went over to the area where the churchgoers were and I stepped out into the big room/area, startling them (because they were busy trashing my friends down the hallway in another room). Four of the church leaders/evangelicals were at the front of the room, and I walked up to them and pointed at all of them. Then I confronted them about their false, duplicitous behavior. They were so taken aback, they didn't know what to say. Someone had heard and seen what they were doing, and they never expected to get caught.

After confronting the mean-spirited and homophobic congregation, I walked out of the room, leaving all of them speechless. Then I returned to my friends at the LGBTQ event, donned my white-feathered robe, and learned how to conduct the honorary ritual. It was a beautiful, uplifting ceremony and everyone was happy. I was nervous, but did okay.

After it was all over, there was much laughter and hugging, with plenty of conversation. I was glad that I had stood up for my friends and defended them against people who pretended to be good people and holier than thou, but who were actually mean-spirited, gossipy homophobes who gained pleasure from hurting others and saying awful things about other people.

A strange, interesting dream, but the end of it was terribly satisfying.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

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[Dream] Who is John Kavorsky, and why is his name in my dream?

John Kavorsky. I do not know anybody by that name, but I read his name in one of my dreams the other night. 

My old FB friends will know that I have a habit of seeing names, addresses, and random words in my dreams at times. I try to write them down or record them in some way just in case I need to refer back to them. 

I also saw "Ft. Ord" written on an old stone sign at my former university, Phillips University in Enid, OK. Why "Ft. Ord" would be written at the bottom of that sign is beyond me. Doesn't make sense. Then again, Trazodone-fueled dreams usually don't make sense.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

[Random Thoughts] On annoyances in business and politics, and why I don't fit into the average corporate culture

Random thoughts apropos of nothing: ever been in a meeting and you're thinking to yourself, "What a load of horseshit. Can we just get this over so we can all go back to work and DO something productive?"

Decisions by committee are usually not effective. Corporate committees are nothing more than masturbatory circle jerks, designed to puff up egos and make it seem like something productive and important is happening. Much like Congress, come to think of it. Meanwhile, the 'little people' (usually the rest of us) are rolling their eyes in disgust or boredom.

If you want to know what's wrong and what's not working, ask the 'little people.' They know the real story and they know what's truly going on. If not for them, in fact, you wouldn't have your job as a CEO or manager, nor would you have been elected to office. So you better remember that, because we certainly will. Don't look down on the people who put you where you are today -- ever.

Like I've said many times, I truly believe people usually know what's going on in any given situation. They usually don't have the balls to speak up about it (the old pink-elephant-in-the-room thing).

This is why it's best that I work for myself the rest of my life. But I've done that for over 17 years so far, so I guess it would be difficult to fit me into the traditional corporate hierarchy at this stage. I'd be the one hollering that the emperor had no clothes, much to the horror of everyone else pretending he was wearing something. I'm probably a CEO or manager's nightmare employee. I don't have time to play stupid head games.

In business and in politics, we need people who are real and in touch with what's truly happening. Unfortunately, we keep putting people in those positions who are the opposite. Why is that? (It's a rhetorical question. I already know the answer, as do you).

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