Wednesday, July 29, 2015

TenThingsNotToSayToAWriter -- my contribution to the Twitter trend

‪#‎TenThingsNotToSayToAWriter‬ is trending on Twitter. All of the tweets from thousands of writers sound familiar to me.

When I first started working from home as a writer, people would send their kids over for me to babysit without asking. That pissed me off.

First of all, I have two grown kids, but I'm not the type of person to ask to babysit. Second, when my kids were small, I would've never dreamed of dropping off my kids at another person's house without asking permission first. But that's just me wink emoticon

My contribution to the Twitter trend:

"Since you're not doing anything and you're home all day, can you watch my kids / go out to lunch / run an errand for me / do some research for me since I don't have time / make some phone calls for me, et al?"

Um...NO. I won't do any of those things.
Where did you get the idea that MY time is less valuable than yours and that, since I work from home, I must not have enough of my own projects to keep busy? Yes, I primarily work overnight (by choice), but that doesn't mean that I need you to fill my time during the day.

Questions such as those above are disrespectful and make assumptions about writers and what they do for a living. It's not a hobby. It's been my CAREER since 1997!