Sunday, April 19, 2015

Down with the sickness -- for nearly TWO weeks!

Cross-posted here and on my FB pages:

I'm sorry I haven't posted much over the past two weeks. I've been incredibly ill since April 9th. I cannot recall being so sick in recent memory; in fact, I was in bed for almost 1 1/2 weeks straight, and hoping the super flu I caught wasn't going to turn into pneumonia. Unfortunately, my husband also caught it as he was taking care of me. frown emoticon

We had tickets to see a concert last week, and I thought I'd better go since Icouldn't afford to throw that money away (and it was for a particular musical group I will probably never get to see again -- unless I'm in Japan). At any rate, I nearly passed out that night and had a hard time breathing due to my asthma and bronchitis.

The following day, I had a relapse. Yesterday was the first day I could sit in the office without having to go lie down again, because each time I tried to get up and get back to normal, I nearly passed out and I felt incredibly weak. Anyway, this illness has been the worst in my entire life -- no exaggeration at all.

So, the point is this: I'm still weak, my lungs are still not working normally again, and right now I am merely concentrating on (1) trying to stay upright so I can work (2) trying to breathe, and (3) trying to get my head on straight because I feel overwhelmed with everything I haven't been able to do and all the things I'm behind on.

That said, I'd appreciate any patience and understanding given while I attempt to get completely well and back to normal. I'm not 100 percent okay, but I will be. I will respond to comments, answer e-mails, and the like as I can, but right now my energy is limited and only about half as much as I normally have.

When I say I've been sick, I mean so ill that I could barely function and get out of bed -- literally. You are welcome to private message me here on FB or e-mail me at scribe, but please allow me 24 hours to respond. I'm swamped, overwhelmed, and behind on every single thing, which only adds more stress.

Thanks for understanding, and I fervently hope you and your loved ones dodge this wicked respiratory flu. If you have asthma like my husband and I have, it is even more serious, since breathing is primary for surviving! There is nothing more nightmarish than trying to take a breath and not getting enough air. Talk about instant panic!

This note is long, I know, but I had to touch base and let you guys know I'm still alive (thus far) and taking things one step at a time. Thanks for understanding. I appreciate it more than you know.