Thursday, April 4, 2013

Compassion...but only for select people? Some are like that (sadly).

Reading through Facebook posts on a daily basis, I'm always struck by how so many people lack compassion for those who are going through a hard time in their lives and are down on their luck. Most of these people need a hand up, not a hand out. Most of these people don't WANT to be on welfare, food stamps, public assistance.

And what's the worst part? Many people who are the least compassionate for another human's suffering are the SAME ones who sit their happy asses in church on Sunday, listening about Jesus Christ's teaching and nodding/agreeing. Their bellies are full, they are making their bills every month (because they've never lost their job, been laid off or been downsized) and they have NO CLUE what it's like to come upon hard times.

Jesus would try to help those less fortunate; Jesus would have compassion; Jesus would feed the hungry and heal the sick (without charging them 10k for a two-hour emergency room visit).

I'm pagan (have been for 30 years!), and I have to say I've seen plenty of selfless compassion and love from the pagan community. I witnessed it first-hand after my first husband died in an accident in 2001. Funny, considering they're misguided heathens and supposedly without morals or ethics, huh?

Here's the thing: if you sit your behind in a pew on Sundays and you purport to be a follower of Jesus Christ, you better walk your talk. Don't just give lip service to it. Otherwise, you are a hypocrite and a poser who is only sitting in church to prove to others how good and righteous you are.

Jesus would not approve of such behavior, and neither do I. I'd break bread with Jesus -- he seems like a cool guy -- but I have no time or patience for hypocrites who, deep down, are snotty people that lack compassion, caring or empathy for their fellow human beings.

Quit being mean and start trying to understand. Get off your high horse and try walking in someone else's shoes. In the end, we are ALL family in this world. We are part of one race -- the human race -- and we are members of the same family, regardless of color, religion or creed. It's time we stop with the "us" versus "them" for the sake of our future existence.