Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's not that hard, so what don't you *understand* about separation of church & state OR freedom of religion?

I'm curious. What don't some people get about separation of church and state OR freedom of religion? Because I think it's pretty clear. There is a REASON why there are NO bibles (or other religious bullshit) that should be allowed in schools. Quit being daft, okay? UNDERSTAND the Constitution and why the forefathers crafted the document that way.

A long time ago, my daughter went to Sproul Jr. High (as I did when I was younger). I HATED going there, by the way. Most people treated me like shit. Plus, Felicia Braxton and Rita Gonzales bullied and threatened to kick my ass EVERY damn day as I walked to catch the bus, and I still don't know why they picked on me. Probably because I was a new kid in school and looked different than all the other girls. Yes, I named them. Don't care because they bullied me and I did NOTHING to deserve it. I hope they grew up and matured (I'm assuming they did). I also got made fun of because of my weight, and that sucked. No wonder most of my friends were guys! Thanks, Phillip Salas, for being nice to me back then, by the way. I never forgot your kindness.

But I digress...one day I was waiting for my daughter to get out of school, and I saw where there was a person standing outside the school, HANDING OUT BIBLES. I was incensed! I called the office to lodge my complaint, and I was FLOORED when the office lady I spoke to didn't understand WHAT was wrong with that or why I was upset. Really? I tried to calm myself as I explained that NOT EVERYONE IS CHRISTIAN and it is not appropriate to indoctrinate children at a public school by having a person hand out bibles to kids as they got out of school. She didn't get it, and I was frustrated by her IGNORANCE.

So, no, NO bibles should be in public schools and religion has NO PLACE in public schools. If you cannot understand why, then you need to go back and educate yourself and STOP having tunnel vision. I get incredibly frustrated when people who seem intelligent in every other way totally miss the reasoning behind this sort of thing.

Freedom of religion. Separation of church and state. What in the fresh hell do you NOT understand?!