Wednesday, March 4, 2015

[Random Thoughts] On annoyances in business and politics, and why I don't fit into the average corporate culture

Random thoughts apropos of nothing: ever been in a meeting and you're thinking to yourself, "What a load of horseshit. Can we just get this over so we can all go back to work and DO something productive?"

Decisions by committee are usually not effective. Corporate committees are nothing more than masturbatory circle jerks, designed to puff up egos and make it seem like something productive and important is happening. Much like Congress, come to think of it. Meanwhile, the 'little people' (usually the rest of us) are rolling their eyes in disgust or boredom.

If you want to know what's wrong and what's not working, ask the 'little people.' They know the real story and they know what's truly going on. If not for them, in fact, you wouldn't have your job as a CEO or manager, nor would you have been elected to office. So you better remember that, because we certainly will. Don't look down on the people who put you where you are today -- ever.

Like I've said many times, I truly believe people usually know what's going on in any given situation. They usually don't have the balls to speak up about it (the old pink-elephant-in-the-room thing).

This is why it's best that I work for myself the rest of my life. But I've done that for over 17 years so far, so I guess it would be difficult to fit me into the traditional corporate hierarchy at this stage. I'd be the one hollering that the emperor had no clothes, much to the horror of everyone else pretending he was wearing something. I'm probably a CEO or manager's nightmare employee. I don't have time to play stupid head games.

In business and in politics, we need people who are real and in touch with what's truly happening. Unfortunately, we keep putting people in those positions who are the opposite. Why is that? (It's a rhetorical question. I already know the answer, as do you).