Saturday, October 17, 2015

A woman speaking her truth as she sees fit

"Gosh, Bev, you sound so angry at times."
(What's your point?)

"Don't you think you can say stuff without using the word 'fuck'?"
(Yes, I say a lot of stuff without using the word. What's your point?)

"You could be a little less blunt."
(I could be, but in certain cases I choose not to.)

"Shouldn't you speak in a more ladylike manner?"
(I'm a lady, and this is the manner in which I speak.)

...and countless others.

Wouldn't it sound weird if I said those same things to a man? Yes, it would. Plus, he'd look at you like, "Who the hell do you think YOU are?" But when you're a woman, some people want to put you into a box that makes them more comfortable.

I'm not here to make you comfortable. I'm here to make you think, make you laugh, make your faint, expectation-laden pulse wake up and react or, perhaps, dance to a new beat. I'm not here to behave in order to make YOU feel comfortable. What you see and read is what you get.

Nobody tells me how to express myself. If you can't handle it or don't like it, that's your issue, not mine. This is me, and you are you. I've always been outspoken. I'm all woman and I say "fuck" when I want to say it. I don't need anybody's permission.