Friday, October 2, 2015

Oh hey, it's another mass shooting in the United States. What a SURPRISE! (insert sarcasm)

Once again, I woke up to news of a mass shooting. One of 45 -- yes, FORTY-FIVE! -- mass shootings this year in the United States of America. Don't tell me nothing can be done, because you are full of it. I have no more patience for the NRA and its shills or supporters. And no, I will not debate this with you. THIS IS MY STANCE, period.

I'm tired of the blood, brains, and guts of innocents being spilled in this country because we don't have the backbone to DO anything worthwhile to solve this problem, or at least mitigate it.

Freedom to own your guns? I'm not trying to take away all of your precious guns. By the same token, I want the FREEDOM to LIVE and not be murdered by a gun-toting killer, either. I want my life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, too. Your right ends where mine begins.

To hell with your prayers after the fact, lawmakers. Grow some brass balls and do something about this bloodfest. It's getting worse, not better. At this point, people's lives are nothing more than (as my husband said) collateral damage so we can all suck the NRA's dick and profits can keep flowing. It's not really about the 2nd amendment. Not really. It's about much, much more. Follow the money, folks. Remove the blur from your eyes and WAKE up.

And no, I don't want to hear about heavier restrictions on medication or anything else. You are quick to want to ban or restrict ANY other substance or object unless it's a damned gun. If there were 45 incidents of shoe bombs in a year, we wouldn't be wearing shoes on planes anymore. We'd be wearing paper footies and probably be half-naked, too.

Oh, hey! Maybe it needs to be YOUR family member or loved one whose brains, guts, and blood are splattered all over the place as the result of a mass shooting. Would that wake you the hell up?!

Or maybe the next time it happens, we should send YOU to pick up the bits of skull and brain matter spilled on the ground. How would you like that? You can scoop up the carnage, cup it in your hands, and walk it over to the victims' grieving parents and other loved ones. Be sure to flash your NRA membership card at them while you're at it, too. Just don't get any bloody smudges on it.

You get no gloves as you clean up, either. You get to use your bare hands as you touch the sticky, metallic-smelling blood and watch as the brain matter clings to your fingers. Then you can chant, over and over, about how there's nothing that can be done and that guns should have NO restrictions whatsoever.

Be sure to wear your NRA patch or ball cap that day, too. Sling your assault weapon over your shoulder while you are hands deep in pools of blood. That way we can know whose side you're on and who is responsible for the lack of sensible gun legislation in this country. Because you are part of the problem, and you know it. You probably don't care, either. It's not your sister or brother or cousin with a bullet hole in their brain, right? It's not your family's blood, so who cares, right? It's a small price to pay for your wants and needs, isn't it? So to hell with the rest of us.

Once you hand over what's left of their son or daughter, be sure to let them know that you're SO SORRY, but you appreciate that their family member paid the ultimate sacrifice with their life so you, and everyone else, could own your arsenal of guns. I'm sure they'll understand and hug you for that.

How could the victims' families not respect your 2nd amendment right, since you're obviously a militia of your own making? You're a patriot, so they better recognize! Shee-ot! Your blood runs red, white, and blue. Of course, the red is likely the blood of innocents, so that makes you even more special now, doesn't it?

Now, after you're finished scooping up what's left of what was once a living, breathing person who had a life and did nothing except show up at their school for the day (or a movie theater at night), you can kneel down and pray for their soul, because that will make it all better. It was god's will, right*? God works in mysterious ways, and we shouldn't question why his will was to have all these bloody massacres. But hey, baby, it's all about the blood sacrifice, isn't it? Unless you're pagan or some other religion that doesn't include old, conservative white men. Then it's outrageous and should be BANNED!

(*I gotta tell you -- if that is god's will, I don't want a part of it. Because that's a cruel and sick type of will to have. If he is an all-knowing god and he was aware this would happen, then he's a psychopathic deity if there ever was one. It's the truth, and you know it.)

"Gee, I'm sorry your college-age son or daughter died today. That's too bad. But you must understand, it's all in the name of GUNS FOR EVERYBODY IN THE UNITED STATES OF 'MURICA!"

I'm disgusted and so done with all of it.

Know this: if you're offended by this post, I don't care. I'm offended by mass shootings and innocent people dying because of selfishness, ignorance, stupidity, and callousness. I'm tired of people offering prayers and thoughts to the victims' families while shrugging and parroting the notion that their hands are tied when it comes to gun control.

Again, I won't debate you about this. So comment at your own risk, because I will likely delete it and possibly delete and block you as well. This is MY stance and my blog. It's my virtual house, so to speak, and you can say NOTHING that will change my mind on this issue. NOTHING.

This time, I am not holding back. I'm saying exactly how I feel about the matter. You can do the same ON YOUR OWN BLOG OR JOURNAL because your pro-gun comments are NOT welcome here. Don't challenge me on this rule, because you will LOSE.

Now, cuddle up with your guns and cry into the framed, embroidered quote of the 2nd Amendment you bought off of Etsy. I'm sure those two things will comfort any butthurt you might have after reading this post.

Finally, don't worry. Thank goodness it's only those people who have to arrange a funeral for their loved ones over the next few days. At least you're saved from having to bury your weapons or tear up your copy of the Constitution instead.