Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sun Signs for Writers FREE DOWNLOAD through Sunday! Grab yours now!

Woot! Excellent news! I *finally* won my battle with Amazon to get Sun Signs for Writers into the KDP Select program. I've held the rights for a while, but had to go back and forth with them about it, which was extremely frustrating! To celebrate, I'm making the eBook version of Sun Signs for Writers FREE for download for a couple days! Click HERE to get it now:

The promotion ends Sunday night at a minute before midnight, so GRAB your FREE copy of Sun Signs for Writers now! Regardless of your astrological sun sign, my book (originally published in print by Writer's Digest Books) will help you break writer's block, increase productivity and fuel your creative fires. Even if you're not into astrology, you will still find inspiration in the end-of-chapter writing exercises. This is a writing reference book, first and foremost. ;-)

Here's what some reviewers have said about Sun Signs for Writers:

++ Midwest Book Review calls Sun Signs for Writers "A unique, revealing guide."

++ C. Hope Clark, author and editor of Funds for Writers:
"Bev Walton-Porter has created a genuinely fun book in Sun Signs for Writers. I read it in one sitting, a rarity in my busy and hectic world."

++ Author Barbara Ardinger, Ph.D.: "Sun Signs for Writers is one of the most helpful books you'll ever find. Buy it, read it, and set it on your shelf beside The Elements of Style, The Transitive Vampire, and the Chicago Manual of Style."

++ Ginnie Bivona, Director of Atriad Press: "...this is more than just another astrology book; I intend to suggest this book to every aspiring writer I come in contact with, it's got more useful suggestions, and concise information about how to make it in this industry than I have read anywhere else in a very long time. It's inspiring and informative, and personally I think it belongs on the shelf of every writer. It's that good."

Sooo...go download your FREE eBook version NOW before the free promo expires. Enjoy, my friends! :-) Again, here is the link to download: