Friday, January 16, 2015

[Dream Logic] Rats, snakes, and sex—oh my!

A couple nights ago, I dreamed of tussling with an alligator. I was thrashing about so violently in bed that Paul woke me up. My whole body was sore the next day.

Last night, I dreamed about a house that was filled with snakes and wild rats. I have no problem with fancy or pet rats, having owned a few in my lifetime. These were rabid, wild, intimidating rats. The place was overrun with them, in addition to the creepy, slim garter snakes.

[EDIT: I just looked up vipers, and the snakes were pit vipers instead of garter snakes. I found a photo that looked **exactly** like the ones in my dream. Shudder!]

Oh, except there was one huge snake -- black and deep purple in color -- that I wrested up on the counter. Paul took a butcher knife and cut it in two, killing it.

That snake, though, didn't seem as wicked or threatening as the smaller ones, though. Their sinister triangular heads (like vipers rather than harmless snakes), induced extreme fear.

In the dream, they were invading the home, slithering through cracks, crevices -- you name it. We could barely keep up with killing them all.

Again, my whole body was sore today when I woke up.

Battling snakes is a recurring theme in my dreams this past year. Between that and dreaming about battling demons, conducting exorcisms, and getting lost in strange cities or on high school or college campuses.

On occasion I also find my dream self in dark, foreboding warehouses that have been turned into underground sex clubs. Usually I'm the observer, rather than the participant. Though on occasion I've been involved. Most of the time, though, I'm taken aback by the debauchery I'm witnessing.

Mind you, I'm not a prude. However, I do prefer a sense of decorum in the bedroom. I don't like messy, disgusting sex that involves too much of an extreme. I'm more of the sensual type, with a love of oils, scents, candles, massages, kissing, foreplay, whispered words of love, and decadent sensuality. For me, pain doesn't equal pleasure. I want to feel good, not bad.

*Shrug* Each to his or her own.

At any rate, these are the recurrent themes in my dreams over the past year. Apparently, they plan to surface in 2015 as well. I'm aware of the dream symbolism of most of these things. I also understand how they each relate to my life, both past and present.

It's interesting how your mind works through things, isn't it?