Monday, April 29, 2013

You do not get a free pass for mercy or forgiveness if you are wretched and evil

No, I do not love everyone, forgive everyone or have mercy/compassion for everyone. Examples: serial killers, rapists, child molesters, etc. People do not get an automatic free pass for my love, compassion, forgiveness or mercy if they have committed heinous and/or evil acts. I'm not Jesus, Gandhi or Mother Teresa. And that's fine by me. You have to deserve such things -- and some evil human beings DO NOT.

This is why certain spiritual ideas resonate with me, and others do not. This is why, though I love Taoist thought, I am not a Taoist or a Buddhist. I am not enough of a pacifist. What I am cannot be put into a box or labeled in a tidy way. My belief system/spirituality is unique to me, and me alone. I take what works, and leave what doesn't.

I don't give a shit about the boxing career of the Boston Marathon terrorist, Tamarlan. I care more about the young boy, Richard Martin, that the spineless cowards murdered, along with the others maimed and killed. THEY deserve compassion, mercy and love.

If those two cowardly terrorists were my sons, I would never speak to them or of them again, I don't care if I'd given birth to to them. I would feel shamed, repentant and devastated. They have brought dishonor to their families because they were selfish, immature pricks. I would reach out to the victims' families, instead of spouting defiant bullshit. Their mother should get on her knees and apologize for saying she thought the bombings were a lie and the blood was red paint.

All terrorists are spineless cowards. They are usually too weak to fight face to face. Instead, they prefer to lurk in the shadows and in crowds and attack innocent people and children. They are dickless wonders without honor. Doesn't matter the country they're from or the religion they follow; Christianity has PLENTY of blood on its hands, so I'm not singling out one religion (don't start bashing Muslims on here or I'll bounce your ass for being ignorant and uneducated).

In fact, I have a strong dislike for organized religion overall, as you may suspect. My main point is this: I have infinite compassion, mercy, forgiveness and love for those who deserve such human graces. Some people do not.

Yes, I am a liberal, but I'm damn sure not the fluffy bunny type.