Saturday, March 30, 2013

My book, Mending Fences, FREE till Monday!

In an alternate universe, I also write women's fiction under the pen name Star Ferris. My book, Mending Fences, is FREE in the Amazon Kindle store this weekend. As an aside, the cover is a temporary one. I'm designing a new one...but for now, the one up there is a placeholder of sorts.

Please go download a copy here:
It's currently ranked #12 under Genre Fiction>>Romance>>Western

The story takes place in Oklahoma. Freaky coincidence with this book is that I wrote it years before I became a widow with young children, and the heroine of the book, Jennifer Marless, is a widow with a young son. Talk about fiction imitating what happens later in real life! I think you'll like the sexy hero, too. His name is Jace Thompson and he has a secret past. Grab a FREE copy to find out more. ;-)

Here's a review of Mending Fences:

A Fallen Angels Recommended Read

Mending Fences

Jennifer Marless needs help in a big way but is reluctant to ask for it thinking anyone who helps her will feel just pity. On a whim right after her husband Reece died she participates in a contest to win her own ranch. What she didn’t expect was to actually win the ranch and the foreman Jace Thompson. So against her own wishes she takes her son, Aaron and herself for a week to Split Rail Ranch hoping to convince the foreman to selling the ranch. However, upon going she didn’t expect to see a dump and dilapidated ranch so in need of modern luxuries like plumbing. Jace is always there constantly reminding her of a snob she has become. Who can blame her, Reece was a big upstanding businessman and she had to make a good appearance? She knows that Jace is a good man but the ranch definitely needs a jump start of modernization. How can she just leave the ranch now in despair when her son becomes great friends with Jace and have his little heart broken. More than that will her heart stay intact from the love and passion that Jace is offering to give her?

Jace Thompson has lived for the past ten years on Split Rail Ranch making it his home and a city girl with a 13 year old teenager is not what he needs right now. Jace has his own secrets and past demons that he has been hiding from the past couple of years. Having Jennifer around has made him realize how long he’s been without a woman’s love but more importantly a son like Aaron. Even though he constantly riles Jennifer up he falls more in love with her each day. Can he make her see that not only the ranch needs her but he needs her to complete his life?

Among the wild Oklahoma terrain with its starry nights, love blooms with surprises in the air and passionate kisses bringing two lost souls to one another. I fell in love with Jennifer’s reluctance in seeing how beautiful the ranch really is and with the temptation of succumbing to Jace’s kisses. Man this man sure knows how to distract yet his past interferes with his relationship towards her. I especially loved Aaron also for this teenager sure has grown up so fast since his father passed away. This is a great contemporary romance filled with a gorgeous real life cowboy that will make any woman tingle with his seduction and Jennifer’s determination to make it on her own. Star Ferris did a great job with Mending Fences being her first book and will surely go far with her imagination and talent in creating such a beautiful story come to life with memorable characters.

Reviewed by: Lena C.