Friday, April 25, 2014

After all these years: reigniting my love affair with yarn, crocheting, and knitting

After 24 years, I decided to start crocheting and knitting again. Why? Because my mother, who just pass last week after a long, cruel battle with Alzheimer's, was my crocheting partner many years ago, before my son was born and after when I was on leave from work while still on maternity leave. Remembering our days together, crocheting and talking, made me feel like I could reconnect with her again in some way, since at the end stages of her disease she couldn't remember many people or things, much less communicate well.

The end of January, I began gathering hooks and yarn. Retraining myself after not working with yarn for over two decades. So far I've completed two scarves -- one for my husband Paul and another for my daughter Britt. I recently started a new scarf. This one's for Jon's girlfriend Cait. She's an Aries, so bright red and black fits her ;-)

e-wrap;">So, along with more personal posts, this will also be a place to post about artistic pursuits, crafting, crocheting, knitting, and (of course) creative writing. I'm toying with changing the name of this blog as well. In fact, I'm sure I will.

For those who also knit or crochet, you can hook up with me (pun intended) on as well. My ID is nocturnalmuse over there.

Welcome to any new readers, and thanks to the already existing readers who are still popping by here to check out my posts every now and then.

A reminder: I do have a new website (well, it's been around since fall of last year, probably). I have several websites, but my main one is at Bookmark it if you haven't already ;-) I update it more frequently than any other site.