Saturday, January 28, 2017

I will NEVER support a fascist or a demagogue

I get bothered by the whole, "Wanting Trump to fail as president is like wanting a plane all of us are on to crash." Oh, hold up. A lot of people who opposed Obama weren't repeating that mantra when he was in office.

If, in fact, Trump can be compared to Mussolini or Hitler in some of the actions he is taking or plans to take, imagine how ridiculous it would be to tell people that they need to get on the bandwagon and hope he succeeds. That makes NO sense. You don't just blindly fall behind or support ANY leader who is a threat to the nation and, possibly, the world.

Just like if it was Hitler or Mussolini, I would NEVER just 'get on board and support them' to keep the plane from crashing. In fact, as my husband pointed out, I'd WANT the plane to crash – even if I was on it – because I would want to be a decent human being and NOT support policies that cause irreparable harm or destroy our country. Alternatively, I would want to wrest control of the plane from the pilot. The latter, of course, is preferable.

Nope, I will NEVER be on board with Trump and his despicable administration, just as I would never be a team player under Hitler and Mussolini. And yes, I DO believe Trump could be THAT dangerous. I hope I will be wrong when all is said and done.

I also find it interesting how, for eight years, all we heard were people saying, "Hell no, Obummer isn't my president, never will be, and I hope he fails," and how the #1 directive of Republicans was to obstruct anything Obama did, regardless of how it might've helped average Americans.

NOW, all of a sudden, WE are supposed to be in lockstep with Trump and 'come together' for the sake of our country. I will NOT support a fascist or a demagogue.