Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Uncovering my ancestral DNA connection to the Pagan Kalash people of Pakistan

Uploaded my raw DNA info into GEDmatch last night and WOW! I have a small amount of South and West Asian in my data, and I just assumed that maybe it was from India. WRONG! Turns out it comes from the Kalash people of Pakistan, which is the LAST pagan tribe (many of whom are blonde and blue eyed) that exists there! The Taliban tried to wipe them out and nearly succeeded. I had never heard of the Kalash and had to look up the word. Imagine my surprise over what I found.

Apparently, Alexander the Great's army had something to do with the Kalash, which is why their features are so different from the physical features you find in Pakistan.

I'm gobsmacked! Thanks to GEDmatch and the tools on there, I've discovered SO much more specific information extracted from the raw DNA data I uploaded into their system.

Anyway, have I mentioned how much I love, love, LOVE science?! I'll be posting more about the results from various GEDmatch tools, so be prepared.

And again, if you haven't had your DNA ancestry done, you should absolutely get on that NOW! There is SO much more about you that you have NO IDEA about and would never know of without the beauty of the unique DNA code within you. It's one of a kind and there is NOBODY else like you. :-)

Also, once you have your test done (and I hope you do), upload your raw data to GEDmatch (it's FREE!) and then we can compare and see if we are related through a common ancestor. You just never know!