Sunday, March 27, 2016

Terrorists and their cowardly attack on Lahore, Pakistan (and elsewhere)

My condolences go out to the victims' families of those affected from the horrendous suicide attack in Lahore, Pakistan. At least 280 injured and at least 65 killed, last I checked. Again, what a senseless act to steal innocent lives.

And yes, humans are the problem. However, religion plays a HUGE role in the majority of these attacks. Religion is a human construct and is often used as an excuse for discrimination, misogyny, xenophobia, cruelty, and violence. And yes, Christianity is JUST as guilty of bloodshed throughout history as any other religion. So it's not just Muslims. It's RELIGION that is the fuel to this fire.

The terrorist group claiming responsibility for the attacks, a Taliban splinter group calling itself Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan Jamaatul Ahrar, admits it specifically targeted Christians, particularly male Christians. They claim they didn't want to kill women and children, which is bullshit. They wanted to kill, period.

Terrorists are fucking cowards, regardless of which flag or belief system they wrap themselves in—period. I have as much distaste for Timothy McVeigh as I do for any other terrorist. We have suffered plenty of terrorist attacks here in the US, but the perpetrators have been labeled anything but a terrorist, mainly because they were white males.

I lived in Oklahoma at the time of the OKC federal building bombing. My first husband was IN that building, moving office furniture, mere weeks before the bombing. Had the job been scheduled differently, Gary might have died in the terrorist attack. A friend and coworker of mine lost a relative in that bombing, too.

Our family took a trip to OKC to see the aftermath of the bombing. Seeing it on TV is one thing; seeing a bombed-out building in person where so many died is another thing entirely. The feeling that comes over you is almost beyond words.

Here is what I will say: yes, the world needs more love and tenderness, but love and tenderness alone will NOT make these terrorists stop the bloodshed and horror. It's not that simple—at least in my view. You can meditate all you want, you can try and project love all you want. Yes, continue to do those things...but it's NOT enough. Not enough by far.

Unfortunately, there are people out there who will take your love, tenderness, and care and just as soon slit your throat or blow you up without nary a care. We cannot quash terrorism with a global love-in where we expect everyone to drop weapons, hold hands, and sing "Kumbaya." I wish it were that simple, but it most assuredly isn't.

Let us do what we can to eradicate the root cause of these attacks, whatever they might be, and regardless of the uncomfortable truths we are forced to face. Humanity and our planet as a whole is at stake.