Friday, June 12, 2015

More thoughts about suffering from Lipedema

Just found a page where a lady who has Lipedema is having her 6th surgery to keep from progressing to Stage 3.

I'm at Stage 2, and I'm horrified at what Stages 3 and above look like. Right now all I can do is MLD (Manual Lymph Drainage) and compression garments. But I doubt our insurance would pay for that many surgeries, if any. I wouldn't WANT to get to the point where surgery is the next step, but this disease is so insidious in its progression that it could happen.

I'm sure it's a drag for some people to read these posts because it doesn't impact their lives. Let's be honest: if it doesn't affect you, why should you care? But I have to talk about this, even if it's to myself. I think about this disease all the time. Mainly because I see what it's doing to my lower legs on a daily basis. I hope I can stay at Stage 2. I can't go backward. I can only hope to stay where I'm at. Yes, I'm afraid.

Thank goodness I have a loving husband who says he'll be there with me no matter what happens. He loves me for me, and that's a rarity these days -- or so it seems.