Friday, May 9, 2014

Have serious/severe paranormal activity? Give us a call. We never charge for our services!

FYI: After a much-needed yearlong hiatus, Colorado Springs Paranormal Association (C.S.P.A.) is now accepting cases again. We investigate in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, the Denver area, and within a two-hour range of Colorado Springs.

Please note: we do not take all cases. Due to overwhelming demand, we must determine the severity/priority level of a case and schedule investigations based on that criteria. If you are experiencing activity that is causing you, your family, or your business customers/employees discomfort or fear (or you feel threatened), please contact us at

Due to the volume of emails we typically receive, you can expect a reply within two business days. You may also call our office voice mail at 719.357.8411. Leave your name and telephone number and a case manager will return your call within two business days.

We have conducted over 100 investigations and *never* charge for our services, nor do we take donations. C.S.P.A. was established in 2005—almost ten years ago. If you have any questions, you can message me privately or drop me an email at the above-listed address.


Bev & Paul Sninchak
C.S.P.A. Team Leads